UDI RC Inkfish Electric RTR Brushed Jet Ski

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Innovative Electric R/C Jet Ski

UDI Inkfish RTR Brushed & Brushless Jet Ski

This is the UDI RC Inkfish Electric Ready-To-Run Jet Ski. This highly capable fully assembled and RTR out-of-the-box Jet Ski from UDI RC features a detailed scale realistic Jet Ski design with a hidden propeller for added protection against elements and crashes, an anti-collision rubber strip, and a high-strength ABS 362mm long shallow V-shaped hull which boosts the overall durability and reliability of the Inkfish jet ski!

About The Inkfish:


One standout feature of the UDI Jet Ski models is the self-righting hull design. With a simple press of the function key, the ship automatically returns to a stable position, eliminating concerns about capsizing. This feature, especially in non-low power states, adds an extra layer of safety and confidence for users, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Hidden Propeller Drive

Both Brushed and Brushless variants embody cutting-edge features and superior design for an unparalleled aquatic experience. The 362mm long shallow V-shaped hull design stands out, constructed from high-strength ABS material, ensuring durability and enhanced underwater performance. This unique design allows the Jet Ski to navigate effortlessly in shallow and rocky areas, mitigating the risk of collision and entanglement with underwater obstacles, setting it apart from conventional models.

Included Electronics

This version of the Inkfish includes a sealed ESC/Gyro/Receiver combo, powerful brushed motor, and 9g waterproof servo. These are laid out cleanly within the hull allowing for better weight distribution. The brushed motor is wrapped in an alloy tubing and features an inlet port on the bottom for water cooling. The water travels through the cooling passage and exits out the top right in the rear of the hull.


  • Fully Assembled and RTR out of the box with battery and charger included!
  • Scale realistic Jet Ski design
  • Hidden propeller design
  • Self-righting technology
  • Anti-collision rubber strip
  • High-strength ABS 362mm long shallow V-shaped hull
  • Water-cooled Brushed Motor
  • Dual protection system of low battery alarm and out of range alarm
  • High torque 9g integrated waterproof steering servo