SPMA9500 Sky Remote ID Module

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Sky Remote ID Module

The Spektrum™ Sky™ module is designed to make it easy to fly in compliance with the latest Remote ID guidelines.


  • FAA RID Compliant
  • FCC certified
  • Bluetooth 4 and 5 long range
  • Supports telemetry through SRXL2 and XBus
  • Weighing in at 14g, the module is incredibly tiny
  • Easy to use and install
  • 3.3V – 9V Input Voltage
  • Only requires power to operate (3-Pin Servo, 3-Pin ZH, or 4-Pin ZH Connector)
  • No extra cost or hidden fees to operate
  • Use when flying RC aircraft in areas not designated as FRIAs (FAA-Recognized Identification Area)
  • One Sky™ module can easily be moved from one aircraft to another
  • Registration of the Sky™ is completed through the FAA DroneZone website
  • Transmits aircraft ground speed, altitude, position, heading, distance, time and unique serial number
  • Can be mounted in any location or orientation in the aircraft
  • Compatible with non-Spektrum radio equipment


It is now easy for pilots of all skill levels and aircraft to become compliant with the latest unmanned aircraft rulings by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Add the Spektrum™ Sky™ module to any aircraft, register on the FAA website, and you are instantly ready to go.

Horizon Hobby is committed to providing an easy solution to Remote ID (RID) for our customers, both new and old. Additionally, Sky™ features GPS for pinpoint accuracy in the sky. The Sky™ module is designed to make it easy to fly in compliance with the latest Remote ID guidelines.

One way to think about Sky™ and Remote ID is that it’s simply a digital license plate for the aircraft. It provides required information about the aircraft’s location and identification, which, if necessary, can be used by air traffic control or law enforcement to determine who and what is flying.

Sky™ is compatible with aircraft that require RID and airplanes of almost any size and allows your aircraft to be tracked in real-time. Sky™ allows you to be in compliance with the latest Remote ID guidelines by offering a Direct and Broadcast RID solution via Bluetooth.

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