Secraft Transmitter Tray Aluminum Black Small Spektrum NX6 NX8 NX10 NX20 DX6 DX9

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Material: Aluminum 6061-T6 (anodized)

Spektrum NX6 NX8 NX10 DX6 DX9
Spektrum: DX5, DX6i, DX8, old versions DX7 and DX7s
S type
JR: 9x, 10x, 11x, XG7
Color: (BLACK & Silver)

Easy lock for Tx-tray V1

Total Weight: 290g

All of your switches are easily accessible and the transmitter's display is still easily viewed. This system works well for both "Thumb" pilots and the "Finger and Thumb" guys. Use for any Spektrum, JR, Hitec or Futaba Radios. 

Are you looking for a transmitter tray that really works for any type of Transmitter? This design is the best we have ever seen. Your transmitter simply slides in and is held securely without any fancy or complicated fasteners.