Parma PSE Fasmask Liquid Paint Mask (4oz)

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Parma PSE Fasmask Liquid Paint Mask (4oz)

Liquid Mask Overview:

Parma PSETQ Fasmask Liquid Paint Mask. This is a bottle of Parma PSE Faskolor Liquid Mask. This easy-to-use liquid mask allows painters to create custom designs more easily, without the use of masking tape. It works great for painting Lexan RC bodies, but can also be used to paint helicopter canopies, models, helmets or anything else you want to unleash your artistic creativity on! It dries clear so you can draw your design on the outside of the body and can still see your design allowing you to cut out the Fasmask on the inside. The average RC body requires 2-3 ounces.

Use a 1/2" wide paint brush or airbrush with a large tip to apply a thick even coat. Allow it to dry or use a blow dryer to speed up dry time and repeat for a nice "skin", thick enough that it will allow you to cut through with a hobby knife and peel away the sections you want to paint. You can also use a smaller brush to mask off small, specific areas such as windows, bumpers and graphics.

Tech NOTE:

  • Please shake well before use as liquid consistency may vary as storing temperature changes
  • When using a hobby knife, cut lightly so you do not cut deep enough to cut the body!


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