Flathead Screws M3x16mm (10)

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Compatible Products
Team Losi Racing Flathead Screw, M3 x 16mm (10) TLR5964 is compatible with LOS03008T1, LOS03008T2, LOS03009T1, LOS03009T2, LOS03010T1, LOS03010T2, LOS03011T1, LOS03011T2, LOS03012T1, LOS03012T2, LOS03014T1, LOS03014T2, LOS03016, LOS03020T1, LOS03020T2, LOS03024T1, LOS03024T2, LOS03025, LOS03026, LOS05013T1, LOS05013T2, LOS05018, LOSB0122, TLR0022, TLR0023, TLR03001, TLR03002, TLR03003, TLR03004, TLR03006, TLR03009, TLR03010, TLR03011, TLR03013, TLR03014, TLR03015, TLR03016, TLR03017, TLR03018, TLR03022, TLR04007, TLR04008, VTR03014, VTR03031, VTR03090