Diff Shims, 6x11x.2mm: 8B 2.0

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This set of differential shims includes includes twelve(12) 6x11x.2mm shims.

Compatible Products
Losi Differential Shims, 6x11x.2mm: 8B 2.0 (12), 8X, 8XE LOSA3501 is compatible with LOS04000, LOS04001, LOS04003, LOSA0804, LOSA0805, LOSA0806, LOSB0084, LOSB0085, LOSK0804EU, TLR04000, TLR04001, TLR04002, TLR04003, TLR04004, TLR04005, TLR04006, TLR04007, TLR04008, TLR0804, TLR0805