Hot Racing Axial SCX24 Conversion Threaded Tele Shock Kit

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The Hot Racing Axial SCX24 Telescopic Threaded Shock Conversion Kit allows you to convert the SXTF326R01 or SXTF326RX04. These bodies and lower dampeners replace body components of the Hot Racing shocks and allow for a smooth telescoping shock. Three sets of shock springs are included to fine tune your current setup.

  • Machined aluminum and brass construction
  • Telescopic design for maximum travel
  • Threaded shock bodies for quick pre-load adjustments
  • Three spring rates included

Extended Length: 48.5mm
Compressed Length: 28.5mm
Stroke: 20mm
Spring Length: 32mm
Spring Diameter: 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm


  • (4) Threaded Shock Bodies
  • (4) Brass Second Stage Shock Bodies
  • (4) Threaded Collars
  • (4) Soft Springs (Black)
  • (4) Med Spring (Gold)
  • (4) Firm Springs (Silver)