BSI171 IC-Loc Blue 1/3 oz

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Bob Smith Industries
IC-Loc Blue is a medium thickness medium strength threadlock that is applied to the threads of fasteners before assembly. Once the IC-Loc Blue™ is cured the fasteners can be disassembled with standard hand tools if required. BSI’s IC-Loc™ threadlockers are anaerobic adhesives that cure in the absence of air which occurs as a threaded fastener is tightened. They prevent the loosening of fasteners due to shock or vibration. Full strength is reached in 1-3 hours. IC-Loc™ is not compatible with most plastics. For best results all surfaces should be cleaned before the application of IC-Loc™. IC-Loc™ should be store at temperatures above 45ºF and less than 80ºF. 
Directions: Unscrew and cut off tip. Apply IC-LOC to threaded areas and fasten arts together. May attack some plastics.