Hot Racing Traxxas Aluminum Center One-Way Differential 4x4 Slash®

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Aluminum Center One-Way Differential, for 4X4 Slash

Hot Racing center one-way differential drives the front and rear wheels under forward acceleration, but allows the front to 'freewheel' under braking, decelerating, and reversing. A center one-way allows the vehicle to be 'whipped' around during braking. This item requires a spur gear that's for a center gear differential. If the vehicle uses a slipper, then the spur gear will not work and a spur gear designed for a center gear differential will need to be purchased. This item is compatible with the Traxxas Slash 4X4, Stampede 4X4, Rally VXL, and Telluride 4X4 vehicles equipped with the center gear differential.

- Ideal for racing on tight tracks where maximum off-power steering is needed
- Allows the vehicle to be 'whipped' around during braking for tight corners
- Maintains front differential action
- 6x10mm one-way bearing

- One (1) center on-way differential
- One (1) steel shaft
- Three (3) M3x5mm button head cap screws

- Requires a spur gear designed specifically for a center gear differential (see Hot Racing SSLF2* series spur gears)