Hot Racing Black Steel 1.9 Beadlock 6-Lug Wagon Wheels 12mm(4)

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Hot Racing 1.9 6-lug steel wagon wheels in black with 12mm hex hubs.
  • Stamped Steel Wheel Design Smoothed Out With Nickel Plating And Then Finished With Durable Powder Coating
  • Three-Piece Bead Lock Design
  • Eliminates Messy Gluing
  • Allows For Switching Of Tires And Foams Without Having To Remove Glue Or Buy New Rims
  • Heavy 66g Wheels Add And Lower Vehicle Weight For Greater Traction And Stability
  • CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum 12mm Hex Hub
  • Scale-Looking Valve Stem Detail
  • Aluminum Inner Bead-Lock Ring


  • Width:
  • Diameter: 59.5
  • 12MM Hex drive
  • Fit 1.9" size tires
  • Removable center hub
  • Three piece bead lock system