2336X Turnbuckles, aluminum (red-anodized), toe links, 61mm (2)


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Turnbuckles, aluminum (red-anodized), toe links, 61mm (2) (assembled with rod ends & hollow balls) (fits Stampede®) (requires 5mm aluminum wrench #5477)

Traxxas’ aluminum turnbuckles make it easy to add strength and adjustability to your Traxxas model. These turnbuckles come in a fire-red or brilliant blue-anodized finish for stunning good looks. Traxxas aluminum toe links are lighter than the stock steel turnbuckles, and are 35% lighter than titanium. High-grade 7075-T6 aluminum ensures increased bending stiffness. The kit requires a 5mm aluminum wrench that prevents marring the finish (#5477). Comes assembled with rod ends & hollow balls.