1:10 Hexlite Buggy Rear Wheel White : Los ASC Kyo

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1/10 HEXlite Rear Wheel, White (2): Buggy

Key Features

  • Fits Kyosho/Team Associated/TLR 2wd/4wd rear with 12mm hexes
  • Optional wheel stiffener


The AKA HEXlite 1:10 buggy wheels were designed with two things in mind, weight and durability. Both were achieved through superior engineering and use of AKA's proprietary high-impact nylon. This combination makes them one of the lightest hex wheels on the market. Revolutionary to the 1:10 market is the optional wheel stiffener insert. It has been designed to help keep dirt from building up inside the wheel, making it go out of balance, and stiffens the already stiff wheel. HEXlite wheels spin true and balanced thanks to the quality craftsmanship of being made in the U.S.A.


Package Type Wheels Only
Scale 1/10
Vehicle Type Buggy
Wheel Hex Size 12mm
Wheel Position Rear