NIMH Onyx 8.4V 4200 Stk Pk

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        This is the DuraTrax NiMH 8.4V 4200mAh Onyx Stick Battery Pack         
                          with Traxxas Connector.                              
FEATURES: Ideal sport pack for cars, trucks and boats                          
INCLUDES: DuraTrax NiMH 8.4V 4200mAh Onyx Stick Battery with Traxxas           
REQUIRES: NiMH compatible charger such as the Duratrax Onyx series             
          Female Connector to Molex Male Connector Adapter, TRAC3061 (if using 
            Onyx charger)                                                      
SPECS:    Capacity: 4200mAh                                                    
          Number of Cells in Series: 7                                         
          Rated Voltage: 8.4V                                                  
          Min. Discharge Voltage: 6.3V                                         
          Maximum Recommended Charge Current: 4.2 amps                         
          Discharge Lead: 14AWG 2.7" (70mm) long wire w/Traxxas connector      
          Pack Dimensions: 6.1 x 1.8 x 0.90" (155 x 45 x 23mm)                 
          Weight: 16 oz (455 g)                                                
          Number of Welds per Connection: 6 spot welds                         
          Cell Size: Sub-C        

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