Lockup MT 2.8 MTD OFST BLK

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    This is a pair of Duratrax Lockup MT C2 Tires and Wheels.                
    See the comments section below to find out what vehicles these             
      tires and wheels fit.                                                    
FEATURES: C2 (soft) compound is comparible to Pro-Line M3 and AKA soft ratings 
          Ideal for loose to hard packed conditions                            
          Color-coded sidewall marking make it easy to identify each           
            tread pattern at a glance                                          
          One piece foam inserts                                               
INCLUDES: Two each, Lockup MT C2 Tires, Foam Inserts and Black Wheels          
SPECS:    Wheels: 2.8"                                                         
COMMENTS: Fits the FRONT of the EP Stampede 2WD, EP Rustler 2WD, EP Monster Jam
           2WD, EP Stampede 4WD and HPI Savage XS Flux.                        
          Fit the REAR of the GP Jato 2WD, GP Stampede 2WD, GP Rustler 2WD,    
           EP Stampede 4WD and HPI Savage XS Flux.                             
           Also available in chrome by ordering DTXC3511.