Booya Tuff Grommets

RC Booya

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This is an optional RCBooya Tuff Canopy Grommet Set designed for the serious 3D pilot who demands a fail proof grommet system that can withstand hundreds of flights without having to worry about canopy grommet failure.

This 3pc system is made to work with on any Nitro Helicopter that uses the RCBooya Quick Release Canopy Mount and has a option to enlarge the canopy holes to 7/16 diameter. 


  • (4) Booya Tuff Snap Grommets
  • (4) Fuel Proof VITON O-Rings

NOTE: Made for use with canopies that measure 1mm in thickness


  • Enlarge the canopy grommet holes to 7/16 diameter
  • Take apart the two halves of the grommet
  • Place CA onto the grommet area that comes into contact with the canopy
  • Install into canopy, white recess on the outside of the canopy, 0-ring to the inside of the canopy
  • Snap the two halves together and allow CA to setup
  • Install Quick Release Pin into Booya Tuff Grommet

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