12 Port 1s Charge Adapter

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Venom 1-Cell Battery Charge Adapter - Micro JST/JST-PH


The Venom 12 port 1 Cell Battery Charge Adapter allows you to quickly, and easily charge up to six micro batteries at a time off your existing LiPo charger. This handy charge adapter is a must have for anyone who wishes to charge multiple batteries with either Micro JST (MCPX) or JST-PH/Pico connectors. The Venom 12pack feature 12 charging ports, self-settable fuses with LED indicator and comes with banana style input leads to make connection to your existing LiPo charger a snap. The Venom 12 port 1 Cell Battery Charge Adapter is perfect for charging batteries from the Parkzone Ultra Micro series, such as, Spitfire, Pole Cat, Corsair, Mosquito, Trojan, Night Vapor, SU-26, P-51, MCX2, MSR, MCPX, and many others.


  • Scale:  
  • Weight: 1.6 oz (45 g)
  • Included Charge Leads:  
  • Fits the Following Model(s):  

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